Saturday, September 11, 2010

Confidence of Community

On Thursday night, I met with one of my friends who is moving to London in October to start a new job. She has also lived in New York City for more than ten years. Unlike me, she currently has a job that she is unhappy with. Just like me, she has seen the experience looking for a new job in New York in this economy has been unlike any other time she has looked for a new position.

Getting so much support from the people closest to me gives me confidence that-- not only is this temporary-- but the important pieces of my life are together. On top of having a great network of friends, people who I don't really know have made time to advise and support me as well.

I keep thinking how lucky I am that to be surrounded by great people. Becoming part of a community takes time. I have a beautiful life in New York that has taken years to get to. I'm surrounded by wonderful people who I've chosen and who have chosen me. Friendship isn't just about physical location.

Yet, without a job I don't have the ability to sustain this life in New York in the long term. I am also missing that key component to my happiness-- the sense that I am a contributing member of society.  By volunteering this summer, I've given something back to the city that has taken such good care of me but the is a temporary solution and long term solution.

The reality that there are few jobs that would make me happy and look respectable on my resume in New York given the state of the economy. Just as I have an amazing group of people behind me in New York, I'm lucky to have a group of friends in Northern California who are making it easy for me to move there. Fingers crossed that everything falls into place.

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  1. Nice entry. ;-) For some reason I hadn't peeked at your blog in quite a while and now just saw this... There's lots to be said about the value of a (grown) network of friends and acquaintances, I so agree. And for this very reason it is quite hard to leave for London this month, trust me. -- I'm happy to hear that you have continued financial support for your job search in NYC (read the later blog entries too... :-). Needless to say that all my fingers continue to be crossed for you!