Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did You Check Under the Bed?

I find myself spending a lot of time trying to craft emails these days. This requires a completely different level of concentration than writing an email. After working with a technology company, my work writing took on a casual air. My first boss had the education of the elite: the top boarding school followed by the top college capped off by the top architecture program. He was an amazing writer. Forget about being perfect; he saw work in degrees of wrongness. Looking back, I learned more than I ever thought I did during those years of paying my dues.

One of my friends called on Monday to say hello. Deep in my email crafting concentration I said, "Looking for a job."
"Did you check under the bed?"
I cracked up. How did she know to call to get me out of my head?

Most of the day was spent working on follow-ups and planning. It is amazing how quickly the days pass. I thought I would have all this free time but I feel like the days slip through my fingers.

After a great dinner out with a friend, we went to celebration drinks for a coworker who won an Emmy. How amazing is that?

It turns out that some MTV people where there but I didn't see if anyone knew about this job I've apply for. Actually, dear readers, I was rejected for the job only hours after applying. I suspect there is a computer program that rejected me automatically but I still am hoping to get my resume in front of the right person.

I had a great conversation about video art, Germany, and the 1979 Munich Olympics that was way more interesting than any faked conversation with someone from MTV. Yes, I want to find another job I love but I want to be myself while finding it.

Job applications: 2
Networking events: 1
New contacts: 1

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