Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who I am Not What I Do

Through this process I have been impressed by both friends and strangers. Everyone is happy to help me. For example, I ran into a friend (and blog reader) yesterday who suggested a few places to check out.

As a manager, having the people around you be responsive and cooperative are job requirements. As a manager, it is hard to know when people are sucking up or would have done it anyway. Now, everything is about who am and not what I do. I have a new found appreciation for my community. It feels good to have so many people looking out for me.

The highlight of Tuesday was hearing back from someone I met on Friday. Funding on the renovation project is several months from being official but my resume is with the right people for when the time comes. Yes, there is a large chance that this job will not pan out. That doesn't stop me from feeling good that I am officially a strong candidate for a job I want.

About two weeks ago, I found a position that looked like a good fit at a friend's company. I reached out to her at the time but didn't hear back so I followed up with her yesterday. She got back to me right away. Although not clear from the posting, the job involves traveling 75% of the time so I will not apply. Thank goodness my friend filled in the gaps so I didn't waste my time on that position.

I followed up with the referral from my new friend from the nail salon but did not hear back. It was so great of her to follow up and put me in touch with her contact on Friday. Unfortunately, he hasn't gotten back to me so that is probably a dead end.

For the most part, instead of combing sites like Monster and Career Builder I go to the web sites of places I would like to work and see if anything is a good fit. I found a events manager position for a non-profit. I'm glad to have found another opening that looks interesting. The next step is to figure out if there is someone who can encourage the recruiter to look at my resume.

Job applications: 1
Networking events: 0
New contacts: 1

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