Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MTV and Comedy Central

For almost a decade, I've been able to say "I love my job." I'm talking about waking up on a Saturday feeling disappointed that it isn't a weekday kind of love. Not having a job certainly has its minuses but I have this sense that there is another job that I'll love even more just waiting out there and I need to find it. In the back of my mind when considering jobs is this quest to want to jump out of bed on Monday morning to get the work week started.

Yesterday morning, I saw a position at MTV for a department coordinator. From the job description, it sounds like something I'd be good at. In general, the more vague and amorphous the job the better the fit. My strength as a manager is to make sure that experts are talking to each other in a way that everyone understands so it makes it easy for people to collaborate and grow. If the job description is fuzzy, that is always a good sign. Before I apply, I'm reaching out to a friend who works at MTV to see if I can get the recruiter to spend a few minutes with my application.

In the afternoon, I took my 2 year old niece to the playground. Spending a few hours with her in the middle of the week is exactly what I want to be doing with these flexible days.

For dinner, a group of my friends-- and some new people-- all met up at an apartment for a sort of housewarming. In retrospect, I should have gotten the word out that I'm job hunting to the new people but I'll keep that in mind for next time.

After dinner, I went to a screening of a new Comedy Central show that a friend has been involved with this year. I shook hands with a lot of people from the show but it wasn't conducive to getting to know new people. Seeing the end product all her hard work was fantastic and, as promised, it genuinely made me laugh.

Job applications: 1
Networking events: 2
New contacts: 0

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