Monday, June 28, 2010

Half Day Fridays

One of the nice parts about this time of year is that the people I know have more time. It is the time of year I want to be outside with fewer obligations.  For example,  on Friday I went to The New York Times to see a lunchtime interview.

There were under 100 people there with only a handful of us not NY Times employees. I've thought about moments in the interview at over these past few days so I am thrilled to have been able to go. It was the type of event I would have been invited to but probably would have missed out on if I had a job.

I chatted with a few people who checked in at the same time as me and sat with them before the program began. One person I met works for a large non-profit that recently secured funding for building out an adaptive reuse space in New York . In other words, they have a historic building that needs to look the same from the outside but not on the inside after the renovation.  I've worked on several similar projects before so this is another great lead.

After the talk,  I headed up to Columbia to hang out with a friend who has half day Fridays in the summer. There was a posting that caught my eye but since she works in the same department, it made sense to talk to her about the position before applying. We hadn't hung out in a long time so it was super fun to walk along the Hudson and grab a bite to eat while catching up.

After talking about the opening for a few minutes, it was clear it wouldn't cater to my strengths. There is another opening, however, that I wasn't aware of that might be a better fit. The best part of this meet up was reconnecting with someone who I love spending time with.

When I'm having one of those days where I'm worried about the big question mark of what is going to happen next, knowing that I have old friends in my corner is invaluable.

Job applications: 1
Networking events: 2
New contacts: 2

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